NRC Sports - EBay seller did not deliver or negotiate refund.

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User ID:    gutermanintl

Name:   Peter S Guterman

Company: NRC Sports

City:   Paxton

State:   MA

Country:   United States

Phone:   (508) 852-8206 x 117

Registered Since:   Tuesday, Jan 29, 2002 09:10:14 PST

Just a note of warning to sellers and buyers in the world of eBay:

Do NOT do business with this FRAUD! I ordered something and waited over 2 MONTHS, with nothing but lies, put-offs, and runaround. I asked for my money back, and got promises, but NO results.

This is disreputable, and I told him I would give him until the end of the month to rectify the situation, without so much as an email to that regard. Phone calls to the above resulted in only messages being left, and no response to those, either.

His promise to refund my money via PayPal using my email address also bore no fruit.

I stupidly did not respond fast enough for a dispute to be settled by eBay, thinking the best of most people, and having had mostly positive interaction and buying experiences.

The price I paid was less than $200, but the principle is infinitely more important to me than the loss of the money.

The really unethical thing, to me, is that he continued to sell the item online which he 'couldn't find' to ship to me! How is THIS good business?

Because of my 'good faith', I waited too long to be able to leave negative feedback, hence my grievance here. Please learn from my error, and keep the sellers on the alert. MOST of them are honest and reputable, and deserve your patronage. This one does NOT.

Please do not patronize those such as he. Purchase your sports items (and ALL items, for that matter!) from someone who will be fair and deliver that for which you have paid. You deserve to know, and deserve to be treated no less.

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